Since its foundation in 1971, C.P. Company has been propelled by the same elements that are still integral to the brand. 50 years later, C.P. Company is ready to celebrate the origins of sportswear through an intense program of authentic collaborations, community initiatives and respectful homages to five decades of garment innovation C.P. Cinquanta.

In 1971 Massimo Osti founds Chester Perry brand. The name is that of the factory where Bristow, the hero of Frank Dickens’ strip, works. Massimo, working from his experience as a graphic designer, immediately created a distinctive style of communicating for his company: the toy car, the posters with their pop graphics and other props to give as gifts to shop owners.To print t-shirts, jackets and shorts Massimo employs methods that at the time are only usually used for paper: he makes abundant use of the photocopier, placed print screenprinting and the four colour process.